Welcome To RG Foods

RG Foods is a chip manufacturer & has been serving the customers with happiness since 1994. Our products has been the family's standard ever since the 1990s, we have remaining essentially unchanged with our taste & trust, but we are gonna change..... Don't get puzzled. We are just changing our look. The taste is gonna remain, as it was in the classic old days just like your trust.

We were popularised with the release of our homemade products, and more recently with our rebranding is gonna flip the whole paradigm. We have changed our packaging to more sophiscated & modern look.

Trusted by people

With years & years of experience, we have mastered the art of making high quality chips with simple ingredients. We have quite a lot of experience in manufacturing chips, we have been making chips "Since 1994".

More treats to come

Currently our R&D are engaged in various experiments with some new exciting flavours & varieties.
Soon our whole new range of snacks will be launched.

Our Line of Products

Potato Chips

Made with high quality handpicked potatoes.

Potato Fingerchips

Made with high quality handpicked potatoes.

Tapioca Chips

Made with high quality handpicked tapiocas.


Made with high quality wheat flour.

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